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Online Distance Education


International Reformed University & Seminary's Distance Education combines the flexibility of independent learning with the interactivity of group learning via the internet allowing you to participate from nearly anywhere in the world. IRUS's Distance Education courses follow the semester format. You may choose to enroll in a single course or participate in several courses at one time. You will progress through a structured series of course material and learning experiences, guided by IRUS faculty and instructors. Your experience is further enriched through substantive online interaction with students from other backgrounds.


1. IRUS's Distance Education program utilities the latest technology in communication and in education unlike

2. Distance Education students will use various medium, such as internet streaming media to watch instructions away from the classrooms.

3. Distance Education students can request books from the library. Requested books will be mailed to students.

4. Each student will be guided by an assigned faculty. The student can communicate regularly with the faculty through IRUS's website and/or email.

5. All faculty have either master or doctoral degree in their field of teaching. Most faculty have many years of practical ministry experience as well. 




Lectures are recorded, and either lecture audio-video recording can be accessed through Moodle. Currently, the primary means of educational delivery is via audio-video recordings on online e-lecture webpage. Students can log in each course and download the syllabus, lecture notes, and relevant materials. The audio-video recordings are available to students in three days after the lectures are given at campus.


Distance education students are currently required to take weekly lectures and write a one-page report on the content of the lecture and email it to the professor with questions and discussion topics (or upload on Moodle assignment folder). Students are also required to take same exams with the on-campus students. Exams are sent to the proctor directly and proctored by whom IRUS office accept as a proctor before the exam at the beginning of the semester. IRUS uses a proctor report form to ensure the quality and appropriate procedure of exams.


Students submit all works for the course on time, usually within a week of the course schedule. Afterwards, faculty members grade the student's work, and feedback is given for the work completed in the course within 2 weeks. Students and professors are encouraged to frequently exchange their opinions as much as they need.


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