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Master of Arts in Church Music


The Master of Arts in Church Music degree program is designed to prepare the student philosophically, practically, and theologically for a career in many aspects of church music ministry. By integrating studies in theology and music, this program will help the student develop and enhance his/her skills as a church musician




The Master of Arts in Church Music program offers the following outcomes.


Students will be able to:

  • apply principles of the Christian faith in different musical and life settings;

  • understand church music practice including worship, hymnology, CCM, church music history, church music

  • administration and the relationship between church music and culture.

  • develop their abilities in a composer, conductor, performer, praise minister, and CCM artist.; and

  • evaluate current issues in church music.


Students receive the M.A.C.M degree when they complete a minimum of 48-semester units:

1. Biblical & Practical Theology (12 Units)

2. Music Requirements (36 Units)

Last 24 Units must be taken at IRUS.

A minimum full-time course load is 9 units per semester. A maximum full-time load is 15 units per semester; however, students may petition for additional units if their cumulative average is 3.0 or higher.

Official classification is based on the number of units completed toward graduation as follows: 1st-year students 0-24; sophomores 25-48.



  • CCM (Contemporary Christian Music)

  • Church Music 

The following are the course requirements for the M.A.C.M.

  * CCM concentration

** Church Music concentration


1. Biblical & Practical Requirements (12 Units)*/**

OT505 Introduction to the Old Testament (3 Units) 

NT505 Introduction to the New Testament (3 Units) 

MS601 Missions (3 Units)

MN512 Christian Education (3 Units)

2. Music Studies (Required) (25 Units)

CM500 Church Music History (3 Units) 

CM520 Survey of Music Theory (3 Units)  

CM521-523 Individual Instruction 1-3 (3 Units Each, 9 Total)

CM530 Ensemble I (2 Units) 

CM600 Seminar in Church Music (3 Units)  

CM680 Graduate Recital (2 Units)

CM681 CCM Production (3 Units)* 

CM682 Research in Church Music (3 Units)**



3. Music Studies (Electives) (11 Units)

CM550 Praise and Worship (3 Units)  

CM560 Computer Music (3 Units)

CM561 Keyboard Accompanying (2 Units)

CM570 Choral Conducting I (2 Units) 

CM581 Church Sound for Worship (2)*

CM630 Ensemble II (2 Units)*
CM640 Improvisation (2 units)*

CM651 Arranging for Church Music (2 Units)*

CM580 Choral Conducting II (2 Units)**

CM650 Vocal Pedagogy (2 Units)**

CM660 Church Music Literature (2 Units)**

PT503 Introduction to Worship (2 Units)** 

Total Degree Units: 48 units

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