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Master of Arts in Counseling


The Master of Arts in Counseling program prepares students with counseling theories and techniques from a biblical standpoint. This program is designed for those who desire to enter into a Christian counseling field with biblical and spiritual insights. Furthermore, this program guides students to restore relationships in families, social groups, and communities. 




The Master of Arts in Counseling program offers the following outcomes:


Students will be able to:

  • understand and explain the issues and problems that people face in life from Christian Worldview.

  • understand and evaluate secular and Christian psychological theories and practices from a sound biblical point of view in order to develop counseling competence within a thoroughly biblical framework focused on ministry.

  • engage in effective biblically-based counseling in the context of a local church, religious organization, non-profit organization, private practice, or mental health institution.



Students receive the M.A.C. degree when they complete a minimum of 48-semester units.

1. Biblical / Theological Studies (18 Units)

2. Counseling Core courses (18 Units)

3. Electives (6 Units) 

4. Practicum I, II (6 Units)

The last 30 units must be taken at IRUS.

A minimum full-time course load is 9 units per semester. A maximum full-time load is 15 units per semester; however, students may petition for additional units if their cumulative average is 3.0 or higher.

Official classification is based on the number of units completed toward graduation as follows: 1st-year students 0-24; sophomores 25-48.


The following are the course requirements for the M.A.C.


1. Biblical / Theological Studies (18 Units)

OT 505 Introduction to the Old Testament (3 Units)  

NT 505 Introduction to the New Testament (3 Units) 

ST 505 Anthropology & Christology (3 Units) 

ST 602 Pneumatology & Soteriology (3 Units) 

MN 511 Pastoral Counseling (3 Units)

MS 602 Ministry and Culture (3 Units)


2. Counseling Core Courses (18 Units)

CS 510 Introduction to Christian Counseling (3 Units) 

CS 520 Human Growth & Development (3 Units) 

CS 530 Legal, Ethical and Moral Issues in Counseling (3 Units) 

CS 540 Counseling Theory (3 Units) 

CS 550 Family Therapy (3 Units) 

CS 560 Group Counseling (3 Units)


3. Electives (6 Units)

CS 500 Abnormal Psychology (3 Units)

CS 515 Psychological Testing and Application (3 Units)

CS 525 Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy (3 Units)

CS 535 Dependent Adult and Elder Counseling (3 Units)

CS 545 Marital Counseling (3 Units)


4. Counseling Practices (6 Units)

CS 610 Practicum I (3 Units)

CS 620 Practicum II (3 Units)


Practicum I is the experience of counselee for 12 hours with 36 hours class meeting.
Practicum II is the counseling practice for 12 hours with 36 hours meeting.

Total Degree Units: 48 units

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