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Bachelor of Arts in Church Music


The Bachelor of Arts in Church Music program is designed to equip students for a career in ministry, education, and performance, providing opportunities for all students to study and perform music as an important part of their liberal arts education, and furthermore, to prepare students for Spirit-empowered service which contributes to the mission of the evangelical church.


The Bachelor of Arts in Church Music program enables students to:

1.Understand the role music plays in ministry and worship;
2.Apply principles of the Christian faith in different musical and life settings;
3.Develop performance techniques, which may include the study of voice, instruments, or worship leadership


•CCM (Contemporary Christian Music)

: Praise Leading, Vocal, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drum, and Composition

•Church Music

: Conducting, Vocal, Piano, Organ, and Instruments



A minimum of 120 semester units:
1. General education requirements (30 units) 
2. Biblical-theological requirements (30 units)
3. Music requirements (60 units)

Students must pass Recital workshop classes and Senior Recital to complete their degree. 


A minimum full-time course load is 12 units per semester. A maximum full-time load is 18 units per semester; however, students may petition for additional units if their cumulative average is 3.0 or higher.


Official classification is based on the number of units completed toward graduation as follows: 1st-year students 0-29; sophomores 30-59; juniors 60-89; seniors 90 or more. 


The following are the course requirements for the B.A.C.M.


1. General Education (30 Units)

GE101: Research & Writing (3 Units)

GE201: Introduction to Philosophy (3 Units) 

GE202: Science & Creation (3 Units)

GE203: World Civilization (3 Units)

GE210: Introduction to Psychology (3 Units)

GE215: Ethics (3 Units)

GE301: Cultural Anthropology (3 Units)

GE303: World History I (3 Units) 

GE304: World History II (3 Units)

GE496: Speech & Communication (3 Units)


2. Biblical & Theological Studies (30 Units)

BN100: New Testament Survey I (3 Units)

BN101: Old Testament Survey I (3 Units) 

BT100: Systematic Theology I (3 Units)

BT320: Christian World View (3 Units) 

BT407: Reformed Theology I (3 Units)

BP110: Introduction to Missions (3 Units)

BP150: Personal Evangelism (3 Units)

BP210: Christian Education (3 Units)

BP320: Biblical Leadership (3 Units)

BP340: Worship (3 Units) 

BP405: Spiritual Theology (3 Units)

Christian Services I-VI (3 Units)


3. Music Studies (Required) (36 Units)

CM100 Harmony I (3 Units) 

CM160 Choir I (3 Units)

CM180 Sight-Singing & Ear-Training (3 Units)

CM211-218 Individual Instruction 1-8 (2 Units Each, 16 Total)

CM260 Choir II (3 Units)

CM320 Western Music History (3 Units) 

CM340 Counterpoint (3 Units)

CM400 Hymnology (3 Units)

CM480 Senior Recital (2 Units)


4. Music Studies (Electives) (24 Units)

CM120 Diction I (2 Units)

CM130 Accompanying I (2 Units)

CM131 Keyboard Accompanying (2 Units)

CM140 Instrument Pedagogy I (2 Units)

CM150 Class Piano (3 Units)

CM161 Ensembles I (3 Units)

CM162 Ensembles II (2 Units)

CM170 Vocal Pedagogy (2 Units)

CM200 Harmony II (2 Units)

CM220 Diction II (2 Units)

CM230 Accompanying II (2 Units)

CM250 Choral Conducting I (3 Units)

CM280 Music Arranging (3 Units)

CM300 Performance Techniques (3 Units)

CM310 Song Literature (2 Units)

CM330 Computer Music (3 Units)

CM340 Counterpoint (2 Units)

CM341 Jazz Harmony (2 Units)

CM342 Orchestration (3 Units)

CM350 Choral Conducting II (2 Units)

CM360 Popular Music History (3 Units)

CM370 Praise & Worship (3 Units)

CM410 Opera Workshop (3 Units)

CM420 Church Music History (3 Units)

CM430 Improvisation (3 Units)

CM440 Church Sound (3 Units)


Total Degree Units: 120 units


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