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Hun Sung Park

President | Professor of New Testament and Practical Theology


Having planted the Los Angeles Open Door Church in the heart of Los Angeles, Reverend Hun Sung Park made it into a community of believers in which over 3,000 believers come together to worship of his distinguished ministry.  Reverend Hun Sung Park is a dedicated and skillful pastor. As a man of God filled with the burning love for God, Reverend Park is also a theologian with a firm stand on the purity of the church and the reformed theology.  A balanced integration between worship, education, mission, and service is his objective for the church.  He delights in ministry, which inevitably keeps him at church, and through training and nurturing of the congregation, he continues to struggle to build up the church to become the genuine community of Christians made evident in the world as the true light and salt. Therefore, his church is in the process of building the most awesome Korean Mega-church in the United States for the local multi-ethnic and communities.


The spiritual strength of his sermon is founded on years of discipline through early dawn worship.  He preaches about God who is the center of our history and his dream and vision are based on the Word of God. His strong leadership is centered on the church. He is a caring and loving, admirable individual who can’t keep his charismatic nature hidden.  As an exceptional expert on unique ministry to the generation of immigrants, in terms of having simplicity, quickness, qualified personality, insight, and propulsion he is sensitive to the needs of the people and always ready and willing to comfort the hurting.  He immigrated to the United States after graduating from Chong Shin University.  He received his Master of Divinity at Reformed Seminary, received Th. M. at Reformed Theological Seminary and received his Ph. D. at Trinity Theological Seminary.  He is an influential and highly qualified minister of experience and spirituality.  He is a scholar and a leader.  He aims to serve the needs of all people as he strives for a church that serves its community.




Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary

Th.M., Reformed Theological Seminary

M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Seminary

B.A., Chongshin University




World Korean Presbyterian Church




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