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Doctor of Intercultural Studies

Program Mission

The DICS degree program in GSICS (Graduate School of Intercultural Studies) provides advanced training in the practice of biblical ministry to those engaged in intercultural contexts through the study of socio-cultural and theological disciplines of missiology.

Program Learning Outcomes

The DICS degree program offers the following outcomes.
Students will be able to:
• understand theories in intercultural studies associated with their ministry areas.
• evaluate theoretical perspectives on culturally responsive ministry and integrate them with practice contextualized to their ministry settings.
• integrate biblical, theological, and historical disciplines with an understanding of the social and cultural issues in a contemporary context

Design of the Curriculum

Coursework includes pre-session preparation, in-class meeting, and follow-up work, as follows:
• Pre-session: six weeks of discipline-related reading

• In-class meeting: five full-day seminars
• Post-session: seven weeks to complete a related customized project in the ministry
• End session: two weeks of presentation and critique (in-person or synchronous remote)


Methodology courses may be taught in other formats.

Degree Requirements

The following specific requirements are necessary to receive the DICS degree:
• Completion of 44 credit hours, including all required courses;
• Attainment of a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.30/4.00;
• Completion of Professional Research Project

Course Requirements

(Total 44 Semester Credit Hours for Completion of the Program)

• Required Courses (28 hrs)
IS701 Methods of Social Research 4 hrs
IS711 Theory and Strategy in Cross-cultural Studies 4 hrs
IS721 Social Anthropology for Ministry 4 hrs
IS722 Culture and Transformation 4hrs
IS732 Biblical Theology and Culture 4 hrs
IS801 Professional Research Project Proposal 4 hrs
IS802 Professional Research Project 4 hrs

• Electives (16 hrs: Choose four)
IS712 Methods of Church Planting 4hrs
IS713 History of the Expansion of Christianity 4hrs
IS714 Peace, Justice and Reconciliation 4hrs
IS723 Teaching Across Cultures 4hrs
IS730 Principles of Contextualization 4hrs
IS731 Theology of Mission and Evangelism 4hrs
IS740 Contemporary Issues in Intercultural Studies 4hrs

With the approval of the GSICS committee, students with a previous doctoral degree may be granted course reductions of up to 24 credits but must complete at least 20 additional credits at IRUS GSICS, of which 12 credits must be new coursework and up to 8 credits may be devoted to research proposal and writing.


Time Limit for Degree Completion

All work leading to the DICS degree must be completed in not less than three and not more than six years from the time of matriculation. For F-1 students, the time limit for completing the degree is four years.

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