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  • Susan Soyeon Ahn, Music
    B.M. in Performance, University of Southern California (CA); M.M. in Performance, University of Southern California (CA)
  • Seongyul Baik, New Testament Theology
    B.A. Suwon University; M.Div., Th.M. & M.A. in Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology
  • Peter Heekyu Choi, Systematic and Historical Theology
    B.A. Calvin Bible College; Th.M., International Theological Seminary (CA); D.Min., Reformed Theological Seminary (MS)
  • Young Chung Jin, Counseling
    B.A. Yonsei University(Psychology);M.Div., Talbot Theological Seminary(Pastoral Care & Counseling); D.Min. Fuller Theological Seminary(Mentoring)(CA); HIS University(MACC: Christian Counseling) (CA); Southern California Seminary(Doctor of Psychology in Progress)(CA)
  • Sung Hwan Jung, Practical Theology
    B.A., Chongshin University; M.Div, and ThM. Chongshin University; D.Min. Fuller Theological Seminary (CA)
  • Andy Sunwoong Kim, Biblical Theology
    B.A. Chong Shin University in USA; M.Div. International Reformed University & Seminary (CA); D.Min. Cand. Fuller Theological Seminary (CA)
  • Chang Sik Kim, Biblical and Historical Theology
    B.A. Soongsil University; M.Div. Seoul Theological Seminary (CA); Th.M. International Theological Seminary (CA), Th.D., California Central University (CA)
  • Chul Won Kim, Old Testament Theology
    B.A. Chongshin College; M.Div., Chongshin University & Seminary; Th.M. & Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary (CA)
  • Nahm Eul Kim, Practical Theology
    B.A. Yonsei University; M.A., University of Houston (TX); M.Div., King's Way College & Seminary (IA); M.Div. & D.Min., International Reformed University & Seminary (CA)
  • Hojun Lee, Music
    B.A,. Keimyung University; M.M. in Organ Performance and Church Music, University of California, Los Angeles; M.M. in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, Western Michigan University (MI); M.M. in Compisition and Computer Music, Western Michigan University (MI); Ph.D. in Composition and Theory, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Irene Lee, General Education
    B.S. Seoul Women’s University; M.A., International Reformed University & Seminary; D.C.E., San Francisco Christian University & Seminary
  • Kwang Hoon Lee, Practical Theology & Christian Education
    B.A., Chongshin University; M.Div., Chongshin Theological Seminary; Th.M., Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (VA); Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (KY)
  • Joha B. Oh, Biblical & Systematic Theology
    B.A., Korea National Open University; M.Div. Chongshin University and Seminary; D.D., International Reformed University & Seminary (CA)
  • Young Chong Oh, Practical Theology
    B.A. Dongkook University; M.Div. Chong Shin University(US), International Reformed University & Seminary (CA); D.D. International Reformed University & Seminary (CA)
  • Hun Sung Park, New Testament Theology & Practical Theology
    B.A., Chongshin University; M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Seminary(CA); Th.M., Reformed Theological Seminary (MS), Ph.D. Trinity Theological Seminary (IN)
  • Paul Kitae Park, Missiology & New Testament Theology
    B.A., Chongshin University; M.Div. Chongshin Theological Seminary; Th.M. Reformed Theological Seminary (Ms), Fuller Theological Seminary (CA); D.Miss. Fuller Theological Seminary (CA)
  • Yumee Rah, Social Sciences
    B.A., M.A., & Ph.D., Yonsei University; Post-doctoral Studies in Psychology, UCR (CA)
  • John Jungbae Rim, Church Music
    B.M., M.M., Yonsei University (Korea); M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Seminary; M.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; D.D., International Reformed University & Seminary
  • Bocheon Seo, Counseling
    B.A., Daeshin University; M.A.R., Southern California Seminary (CA); M.Div., Azusa Pacific University (CA); Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling., Southern California Seminary (CA); D.Min., Reformed Theological Seminary (MS)
  • Hala Sun, General Education
    B.A., Dordt College (IA); MPA, Graduate School of Middlebury College (CA); M.A., Graduate School of Middlebury College (CA); Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)
  • 객원교수

  • Jin Mo Cho, Historical Theology
    B.A., Trinity Christian College; M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary (PA)
  • Jeong Koo Jeon, Systematic Theology
    B.S., Johns Hopkins University; MA., M.Div., Ph.D., Westminster Theological Seminary (PA)
  • Jun Mo Jeong, Practical Theology
    B.A., Daegu National University of Education; M.A., Young Nam University; M.Div. & Th.M. , Chongshin Theological Seminary; Th.M. & D. Miss. Reformed Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Gemyung University; Senior Pastor at Daegoo Seungmyung Church
  • Sang Hoon Park, Old Testament Theology
    B,A, Seoul University; M.Div., Chongshin Theological Seminary; Th.M., Calvin Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School ; Senior Pastor at Seoul Seung Dong Church